HTHS middle distance (04/12/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Langenthal Ost
Organiser: NLZ
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.63 km
Time: 37:10
Average HR: 198
Maximum HR: 206
Individual Middle Distance:

s-1: I tried to keep a little to the right to avoid some green in the beginning and from there on I tried to keep my direction. On the path just before the control, I knew I was a little to fare right and tried to correct it a little. But the vegitation was diffuse, and I was not 100% sure when I went in towards the control. Tried to understand the vegitation and hit the control perfectly, but felt it was just out of luck, and tried to pull myself together and have better tactics the rest of the course. Best split time though...

1-2: Ran to the road as fast as possible, and then ran to the bend of it, and ran to the right of the green until the lodging path. Kept my direction from the path and found the control easily.

2-3: Direction to the road and then after the crossing down the depression, and direction up to the next road. Continued on my direction towards the control, and saw both yellow areas on the way there. Also saw the control early.

3-4: Again running straight using the compass. I saw the yellow area before and the green areas at the stream half way of the leg, and continued to the yellow just before the control. Into the control there were many runners searching for it, and I tried to stick to my plan by following the stream upwards and found the control (maybe a bit to fare up?)

4-5: now I was together with a many other runners, and instead of following my plan to run straigt to the road crossing, the other runners disturbed me and I ended up running something inbetween straight and my own plan. No good strategy. Also struggled alittle from the road to the small path, and lost some meters to the fastest runners.

5-6: Pulled myself together and focued on my own orienteering. Saw the two vegitation boarders after the last road and found the control easily.

6-7: Ran down to the road and followed it to the right turn.AFter that direction down to the control.

7-8: Running along the green and cutting through to the small lodging path. Followed it some meters before I went down towards the control. Went down some meters too early, and had to run a bit in the green.

8-9: Ran up to the road and used the compass to find the yellow gate through the green. hesitated a little at the path, but realized I had to continue straigt forward and found the control. At this point I had gotten away from most of the runners I picked up at control 4. Only one remaining.

9-10: Held a little bit to the left to avoid the green in the beginning and running straight after that. Hesitated again a little into the control, I was not 100% sure if I had just crossed the path or if it was the "dry stream". But found the control.

10-11: Went right of the green out of the control, and then straight up to the road. The road to the road crossing and then direction over the stream and up to the next road. Cutting over to the path and follow it to the last road. Direction the last meters.

11-12: Straight over the stream up to the path. Than following the path to the small path entrance and follow the small path until after the next stream and then in to the control.

12-13: Following the counters just below the green and then climbing up and down into the depression of the control.

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HTHS middle distance (04/12/2016) HTHS middle distance (04/12/2016)