Trofeo Costa Calida Middle Distance (19/02/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Cehegin
Country: Spain
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.66 km
Time: 35:14
Average HR: 194
Maximum HR: 214
Three stupid mistakes in the beginning. To the 1st control I thought I was faster than I was and wanted the control after the first hill instead of the second. To the 4th control I read everything except of inside the control circle and ran past the control without seeing it. To the 6th control I had 100% control 100m before the control, but then I did not watch my compass and ran to what I thought was the end of the nose, it wasn't. After this mistake I finally pulled myself together and ran well from there on. I catched Mironova at control 7, and after that we had a tight fight untill the finnish. I was mainly in front until the arena passage, but to the spectator control Mironova ran better. The whole last loop we ran a little different but still had eachother ins sight, and punched the controls more or less together. To the 2nd last I made a different routechoice and got maybe 5meters, and after punching it I started the finnish sprint and hoped to keep her at some meters distance until the finnish line. I managed to do that, and she did not catch up agan with me. In the end I got a 5th best time (it was chasing start for the others, but since I did not run the long distance, I had to start in the minute start after the chasing start), and I was 3 min behind Rudnaya who had the best time of the day.
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Trofeo Costa Calida Middle Distance (19/02/2017) Trofeo Costa Calida Middle Distance (19/02/2017)