Selection Race Sprint (12/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Põlva
Country: Estonia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.85 km
Time: 17:30
Good start to to control 8, also the correct routechoice to control 9, but did not find the control in the control circle. From the open gras field just before the control I read on the counters and knew I had to run into the reentrant and find the green bush of the control. I did not see that I past a path on the way there, and found a green bush there where I expected the control to be, but did not see or find any control flag. Confused my first thought was that the control was not there/missing. I started looking around and back on the map, but still felt like I had to be in the right place. After a long time, (read 1 minute) I finally found it much higher in the slope than I thought it should be, and not really in the reentrant. I knew my result was destroid, but I tried to take a deep breath and restart. I kind of managed, and except of some smaller things I finnished the race well,

Got a 4th position of the norwegian girls, and a 37th place total.
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Selection Race Sprint (12/05/2017) Selection Race Sprint (12/05/2017)