WOC selection race middle (13/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Voorepalu
Country: Estonia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.91 km
Time: 36:56
Average HR: 204
Maximum HR: 214
Started out well, and had only some minor mistakes to control 4 and 5., and at control 8. I was very well positioned in the race. But out of control 8, I was a little bit too fast, I wanted to run straight but ran the first 50 meters in the wrong direction and decided to take the left routechoice instead. This was wrong, loosing probable at least 20sec on the route. But the real mistake happend inside the control circle. When I arrived at the top of the hill there was no V to be found. I ran further, but it was nowhere to be seen. I tried to see if I could be on the wrong hill, but I wasn't, and I kept looking aroung me. Than a finish man came and he found it, further south and kind of in the south slope, and I thought it should be in the flat. Anyway the control was stuck fare down into the V, and it was impossible to see as long as you didn't stand on it......Not following the rules of letting the control look out of it.

This was irritating, but I pulled myself together, and kept focusing on the rest of the race. At the arena passage, Marianne Andersen catched me up, but she had a higher speed, so I had to let her go after a long steep uphill. The last two controls I was really tired, and did not see the best routechoice to the second last. In the finnish I was 4th best norwegian girl, and 9th in total in a strong starting field with the best swiss and danish runners among others. So good running from many norwegian girls, mixing in among the top.
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WOC selection race middle (13/05/2017) WOC selection race middle (13/05/2017)