WCup Finland Sprint Relay (24/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Turku
Country: Finland
Discipline: Sprint Relay
Distance: 3.42 km
Time: 14:11
Had a good start, and was in the fight in the beginning of the race. Took the wrong routechoice to control nr 5 (back up to the park), and lost at least 10s here. I was careful to take my forkings in the park, and was still in contact with the leading pack. At the arena passage, I was together with Lina Strand 12 s behind the leading teams. Lina ran fast, and I had to give some meters, when I also had a different forking as well as choosing the wrong routechoice to the next control, I lost contact with the teams in front of me, and at the TV control, I had lost 14s on only 2 controls, to the leading teams. I continued ok, but missed an entrance and had to go back, and I was totally alone at this time. Over the bridge and towards the finnish, I could see the others fare ahead of me. I changed over 39s behind in a 12th position. Øystein, had to start his race in a vacuum, and Ulf sadly picked the wrong control in the part, and we therefore got disqualified. Anine on the last leg, however, ran a good race. The norwegian 1st team got 6th of the nations.
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WCup Finland Sprint Relay (24/05/2017) WCup Finland Sprint Relay (24/05/2017)