WCup Finland Middle Distance (27/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lintukiima
Country: Finland
Distance: 5.02 km
Time: 34:50
Average HR: 197
Maximum HR: 212
Quite stable race, but felt a little rusty in nordic orienteering, which I haven't really been training this winter. I started out well, but controlled, and found the hill of the 1st control perfectly, but when I looked for the control at the south east end of it I could not find it. I only saw some men sitting there. I went to the north west end to see if there was anoter hill further right, but it wasn't and I turned back and found it just were the men sat...quite hidden, but still a stupid mistake - I have to look better when I am quite sure I am right...15s lost.

To the 2nd and 3rd control I ran well and it was really nice and open forest here. To the 4th I first wanted to go straight, but then redecided and went to the right on the path. Went in a little bit too early and got a little bit too much green, but most of all it was very nice straight, and that would have been better. Lost approx. 30s. To the 5th the terrain was sharp and the visability was a little lower, and I hestitated a little and struggled in the first part to find a runable way up the hill. Loose 30s on this leg to the best runners, probably half of it due to the hesitation. 6th was ok. To the 7th I started out well, but hesitated a little bit down the reentrant to the control and also into the control. To the 8th I also loose some time not running fully straight.

To the 9th I started out well, down the hill and over the green striped area, but did not watch my compass good enough and zig zaged a lot, and loose again around 30s on being stupied and not executing the leg well. To the 10th and the 11th I ran quite well, and to the 12 as well, except of taking a left turn via a rock, and then getting stuck in a fallen three, so I again had a zig zag too much. To the 12th control, I misinterpreted the runabiloity straight over the hill, and loose a lot compared to those going on the paths to the right....30s.

Ok finnish, and came to the finnish feeling ok about my race. No big mistakes, but irritated about the route to the 2nd last and the mistake at control 1. The start field is tough, and being a bit rusty and not executing the routes well, means fare down the result list. Today I only got a 32nd place.
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WCup Finland Middle Distance (27/05/2017) WCup Finland Middle Distance (27/05/2017)