WCup Finland Long Distance - Chasing start (28/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lintukiima
Country: Finland
Discipline: Long
Distance: 12.8 km
Time: 87:42
Average HR: 189
Maximum HR: 198
Tired legs from the start. My plan was to try to stay with the big group I was starting with all the way to the forking, and then focus on my own controls through the forking loops, and hopefully catch the same group for the last part of the course. But my body did not want to run fast, and eventhough I tried in the beginning I had to let the others go between control 2 and 3 after falling further and further behind towards control 2. Looking at my puls, I was never able to push it up, and that was also my feeling. I did an ok technical performance, but had nothing to give compared to the others. I lost 2-3 positions, but due to some people not starting, I only fell down 1 position during the race.

Made one smaller mistake to 8th control (the most west loop of the butterfly), loosing maybe 1min, and had troubles in the uphills of the last loop. But the rest was stable. Had 32nd best time, and ended 26th in the chasing start.
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WCup Finland Long Distance - Chasing start (28/05/2017) WCup Finland Long Distance - Chasing start (28/05/2017)