Sprint Relay Training (13/06/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Viljandi
Country: Estonia
Discipline: Sprint Relay
Distance: 4.97 km
Time: 29:15
Average HR: 178
Maximum HR: 202
Ran only 80% speed due to a cold the last days, but got a quite good training anyway. The relay was together with the danes and one estonian, and one belgian runner. We were organized as teams consisting of one girl and one boy. The girls started out as masstart 6 min ahead of the boys masstart. After the first loop, the girls had a break until the boys came into the finish, and changed-over to their team mate. Everyone who's boy were more than 30s behind started out in masstart. Than the boys started their 2nd loop when the girls ended theirs.

I was in team with Yanick Michels, and started out well on mye first loop. I did not run full speed, so the others were faster, but because they started out wrong I was ok in the field the first 2 controls. On the long leg the leading girls did a mistake, and I found myself in the 3rd position up the hill to the 3rd control. Many girls passed me into the control, but because many did wrong also to the 4th, I was still 4th there and at the 5th. To the 6th I again fell backwards in the group, but a lot of runners did wrong to the 7th and 8th control, so in the end I was not even that fare behind after a good sprint race from me (it is though a little bit more easy when you don't run full speed - more time for map reading).

On the 2nd loop I started out first, but there was no big gaps, so I was ok in the group until control 2, but there was a lot of fat running on the next legs, so I fell behind here. Ran well until control 6, but on the long leg to control 7, I did not see that the river/last part of the leg was forbidden area, and I realized half way there...Lost a lot of time having to cross over to a runable routechoice. The rest was ok, but I think also my routechoice to the 9th control was slower than going right. Anyway, a good training.
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Sprint Relay Training (13/06/2017) Sprint Relay Training (13/06/2017)