Venla Relay (17/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Harpatti
Country: Finland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 2nd
Distance: 7.39 km
Time: 45:58
Sarina ran a good 1st leg and sent me out in 9th position. There was a gap up to the teams infront and only some seconds down to the next teams. I started out fast, but controlled to the start point. I felt it was worth making the 1st control as easy as possible by using the path to the right and then run down along the stream. It was a little bit green down to the control, but got it without problems. Nice with a safe start. To the next control I run straight using my compass. The forest was open and the green areas around were distinct and easy to see. Here I was 2nd of all teams, so I had climbed 7 positions on only two controls, without knowing of course, so my safe start was successful. The 3rd control was tricky, so I was careful were I entered the light green ( by the rock), and got the rocks and hills down to my control. The 4th control was maybe the most tricky control of the course, and I slowed down. The visbility was really low, but I got the marshes and hills before the control, and found it. My forking was definitely not the fastest here, having both controls inside of the green, and I lost some time to runners with shorter/less green forkings, but I was still nr 2 at control 5. I could still not see any other runners of my leg. To control 6, I wanted to go right of the green and then short cut down over the flat white hills, and then go down to the flat area right of the cliffs. However, I was not careful enough with my compass running down, and ended up not running straight at all, and towards the control, I saw something similar to a rock some 100m too early and searched the control some seconds before I realized that I had to continue some meters. Found it, and thought that I saw a runner of my leg just behind me. Towards the 7th control, I suddenly saw several runners coming from both left and right, and I thought that they probably had catched me.

I continued to focus, the control could be tricky, so I was careful leaving the path and controlled my direction down towards it. Made a tiny parallel mistake into the control, but saw the control left of me, eventhough I expected it to the right, and lost almost nothing. Towards control 8 I ran trough another forking, and I saw some other runners. Control 9 was again a tricky one: light green reentrance with many rocks and rocky ground. I decided to run down to the path and be careful down into the control, and I got it well. The other runners which I had seen went in different directions than me. So I still ran quite alone. To the 10th and 11th went well, and it started to be many runners from previous leg in the forest. Towards control 12, I saw Paimion Rasti ahead of me, and I pushed to get up to her. I past into control 13 and tried to push hard to keep her behind until change-over. The run in was long! Had no idea about my position, but wanted to give as many seconds as possible to Simone. I handed over the map as 2nd team, but 4min behind the leaders, so I had lost about 2minutes to the lead, and catched 7 runners.

After reading out my Emit, I just had to wait and see what our two last girls could managed. Simone ran strongly, picking up second by second to Alfta Östa, and even passed them, giving Sabine more than 1 min lead into the last leg. Sabine continued well, and except some tiny mistakes, she ran a strong race as well, and even though Alfta Östa passed us, she kept everyone else behind, and we got 2nd place! Wow! Really happy that we managed to deliver 4 good performances, and to run in with the girls was just fantastic! Thank you!
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Venla Relay (17/06/2017) Venla Relay (17/06/2017)