WOC sprint qualification (30/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tartu
Country: Estonia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 2.76 km
Time: 12:04
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 198
WOC Qualfication Women heat B - 7th place or shared 6th. 35s behind Galina who won.

Stable race, but struggled a little to find the flow and get good overview of the coming legs. Ok to the 1st control, to the 2nd I first had a little hard time to see the whole in the fence in the beginning and then I did not see that there was a path higher in the slow towards the control, and went down to the other path and had to climb into the control. Probably lose many seconds here. 3rd was good, the same with 4th-6th. To the 7th I was not sure what to do, but decided to take the climb halfway to get it a bit less steep. To the 8th I went right to save some climb as well. To the 9th I was unsure, but decided to go quite straight, I think the right route was better. because I had to go steep down and climb steep up again. 10th-11th was ok, but to the 12th I was a bit too fast, and though I could come through just right of the big bulding but I couldn't and had to run al the way out to the boarder of the map. In the end I think this route was not bad, but that was just lucky. Slippery down to the 13th, but no more big difficulties. Ran in as 4th, and ended in shared 6th.
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WOC sprint qualification (30/06/2017) WOC sprint qualification (30/06/2017)