WOC sprint finale (01/07/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tartu
Country: Estonia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.67 km
Time: 15:49
Average HR: 204
Maximum HR: 212
19th place, after 2 big mistakes and 2 smaller....disappointed about my own performance. Physically strong enough for top 10, but the podium is still out of reach. Need to become 1 minute faster in order to really mix in among the best.

Started out well, and picked the best route to control 1. I lose about 14s to best split, but it was a long leg. To the 2nd I don't run optimal because I change my mind after starting to run, and lose 8 s to best split. 3rd and 4th was ok. To the 5th I ran well untill I somehow (unconcentrated?) went down the wrong street after coming out of the park, eventhough I was sure it was the correct one... I realized it too late, and had to turn several meters, and lose 20s to best split. Continue well through the arena (lose 15s to Maja on this leg, but I think she just ran away from everyone on this leg). Felt prepaired for the 7th control up the hill again, but eventhough I was really careful to take the entrance I wanted, the one I wanted was wrong, and again I had to turn around and go back. Also on this leg I lose 20s to best split... I continue ok, but to the 11th I dont' pick the fastest routechoice, and lose another 5-10s. Ok finish.

It was a little bit of a strange sprint race, with extremely much time to read the map. There was only long legs, and with 170m to the start point twice through the course, it was never any technical stress through the whole course, and it became extremely physical. I am better at intense sprints, but that is no excuse to make those stupied mistakes I did. I think I felt too much in control, and maybe had too little double checking with the map. A control is never too easy, and maybe that was my problem to day? I don't know, but such mistakes should not happen, and I will learn from these mistakes.
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WOC sprint finale (01/07/2017) WOC sprint finale (01/07/2017)