6. Berner Abend-OL (17/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grauholz
Country: Switzerland
Distance: 7.95 km
Time: 53:14
Average HR: 195
Maximum HR: 209
s-1: Just wanted to short-cut over the hill -> BAD idea! Lost around 1min fighting in the green stripes...
1-5: ok. Could have been running smarter some places going straighter out to a road f.ex.

5-8: Somehow oversaw control 6 and 7 and though the long leg from ctr 5 ended at ctr 8, past ctr 7 on the way, and only thought that I will have that control later...stupid. Even came to high in the slope to the 8th and lost some time.

8-11: good, no problems.
11-12: steep climb, tired legs. Thought I saw the green area right of the control, and went there. It turned out to be the green area just further left, and I lost maybe 30s here.
12-14: good.
14-15: Here I was really sure that I was going to control 7, and so I did. When approaching it I realized that the control after 7 was the 6th, and I understood that I had made a BIG mistake. After some sec hesitation "should I go and take ctr 6 and then run the whole butterfly again?", I decided to just continue the course. Ran a little to much around into ctr 15.

15-17: ok, quite tired. Starting to loose focus, and struggle to keep it together.

17-18: Get asked if I am going to ctr nr 56, I am not, it is the one before (17) and I tell so. Get a bit out of my orienteering, and can not get it all together into the control. Have to run back some meters - relocate and then I find it. Lost about 1 min.

18-19: really tired, and go in to early and once again I have to fight with the green stripes.
19-20: to tired to take the climb, so I run the long way around - which actually turned out to be an ok choice.
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6. Berner Abend-OL (17/08/2017) 6. Berner Abend-OL (17/08/2017)