WCup Latvia || Relay (26/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Cesis
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 1.
Distance: 5.33 km
Time: 42:40
Average HR: 198
Maximum HR: 208
1st leg for NOR 1. Started out getting a bit stuck in the green, but we were many getting stuck, so I was not stressed because of that. Approaching ctrl 1, I thought I had it all under control, and my direction was good. But just some meters infront of my control it was a steep slope, and I was sure it had to be the stream. I expected my control to be on the boarder of this slope and saw a control to the left. I went there, but the code was wrong. I stopped and tried to understand where I was, and my only explaination was that I had to be further north west along the stream, so I headed to the right to try to catch myself. I saw the control on the nose, but still thought I was further northwest and kept going. Came to a reentrance, and realized where I was, and went back. But still ended up at the same control as in the very beginning. Very confused I tried to go back, towards the nose, and suddenly I saw a control down the steep slope, and I went there. It was mine, which I could not understand. I started out in the right direction, but when I came into the stream I was still very confused, and headed up the wrong hill thinking I was further east....Loosing even more time before I was on the right track. All in all this mistake costed me around 5 minutes, and I was totally alone....

I tried to keep figjting and approaching ctrl 5 I saw a group of runners fare ahead. To the 6th I wanted to take the safe route around to the left, but the map was everything but correct the last part, and with really bad runnability and I ended up loosing more time. After that I ran quite clean, but it was a fight to keep focusing. The last hill was brutal, but I new 2 girls was waiting for me, and I had the back of Sigrid to follow. I changed-over to Emma as much as 8:03 minutes behind the leaders in a 26th position.... Emma and Marianne did two good performances and could run us in as 7th best nation, and 11th in total. Thank you both for fighting even though I gave you such a bad start.

Team 2 started really well being 3rd after two legs! So we do have a lot of potential if we just manage to run 3 good races!
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WCup Latvia || Relay (26/08/2017) WCup Latvia || Relay (26/08/2017)