WCup Latvia || Training 6 - Long Distance (30/08/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Krustkalni
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Long
Distance: 9.23 km
Time: 74:40
Average HR: 184
Maximum HR: 198
Ran controlled speed, so did not push too hard in the uphills. Quite good performance, but to control 7 I run in too early from the path and us quite some time to figure out where I am, and what happend. Lost maybe 1:30min here, and even more because it was better to run straight. And to the last control I did not check for routechoices and just went straight, which was bad. Got stuck in the green stripes. But all in all I had good control today, and I just need to be better on the execution of the legs, and get some more experience on which routechoices are the better.
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WCup Latvia || Training 6 - Long Distance (30/08/2017) WCup Latvia || Training 6 - Long Distance (30/08/2017)