WCup Grindelwald || Middle Distance (30/09/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grindelwald
Country: Switzerland
Distance: 5.3 km
Time: 42:50
S-1: I wanted to keep the height and not fall down to deep in the reentrance, but still came further down than planed. I found the control without any big problems but lost approx 30s on taking to much climb.

1-2: Full control here, ran down right of the cliffs, down the reentrance, and saw the flatt area with the small hills early,

2-3: This control looked tricky, so I was careful. I used the cliffs on the way and had no problems finding it.

3-4: Ran straight up the slope towards the pond, and rounded it to the right and than up the reentrance.

4-5: Chose the fairly straight route using the path and approaching the control from the upper road. No problems.

5-6: The cliff half of the way was clearly visible and the hill after it as well, no problems.

6-7: Ran straight, but took too much climb after the path (could have rounded the hill to the left), but down the slope I had no problems, and found the control well.

7-8: Saw the back of Alva Olsson up the hill, but was careful to focus on my own direction. Almost came to fare to the right because the reentrance was small and not easy to spot, but saw it just before passing it.

8-9: Went straight up the hill to the road and followed it until the cliff on the left side.

9-10: Straight up the hill, heard Alva behind me. Found the control without problems

10-11: Straight down the slope and looked ahead for the reentrance in which the control point should be, and saw it early.

11-12: Out of the control I took the path, but I was too fast to leave it. I was not sure if I should use the road, but felt it should be easy to spot the big cliffs just ahead of the control. But because I went out too early I did not see it and came too fare left. I saw the road below me, and stopped. Alva passt me, and after I had relocated I followed her up to the control

12-13: A bit unsure here, but felt that fairly straight was ok, because I had to take the climb anyway. I did loose some time to Alva, because I saw her small gap increase.

13-14: Ran on the compass up the hill, and knew were I crossed the path, and saw the cliffs and the hills into the control.

14-15: Compass and ran down to the right of the hill with the cliff.

15-16: Here I thought it was smart to run straight down the slope to the road, but it was steep and rocky and I lost some time her. Into the control I wanted to make it easy by running via the field, but the runnability from the field was bad, and I hesitated down towards the control, and lost around 30s on this leg.

16-17: Saw it was just to keep the height and run left of the big hill - 4th best split here.

17-18: Only one possibility here, so was only careful to hit the right paths and roads. Almost missed the control, but saw it after some hesitation.

18-19: Marked route here, and knew very well how the sqaure looked like, so no problems.

Ended as 27th in the compitition, 5:50 behind Tove Alexandersson who won.
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WCup Grindelwald || Middle Distance (30/09/2017) WCup Grindelwald || Middle Distance (30/09/2017)