WCup Grindelwald || Sprint Relay (01/10/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grindelwald
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint Relay
Leg: 4.
Distance: 3.28 km
Time: 14:55
Ran the last leg for Norway team 3 after Ingjerd, Håkon and Thomas. I was sent out as 7th team 1:35min behind together with Finland and Russia. I focused on my own race and ran one leg after the other. In front of me I saw Switzerland team 3, and I had Finland some meters ahead aswell in the beginning. To the 4th control I did not pick the fastes route and lost around 10s, but had approx. the same position by the arena passage just behind Finland, with Switzerland 3 ahead and Russia some seconds behind. I ran past finland out on the 2nd loop, and came closer to Switzerland. I took a good routechoice to the 9th control, and also had the shorter forking than Switzerland, and at control 10 I was just ahead of Switzerland. To the 11th I again had the shorter forking and got some meters gap down, and after the next couple of forked control I could see Switzerland 2 ahead of me, and at control 14 I saw that Russia was closest chasing behind. I knew that Galina for Russia is a strong runner, so I tried to focus on my technique to try to keep her behind. I did not pick the fastest micro routechoice into control 18, and out of it I hesitated quite some seconds, and also half way to 19th I had to slow down to hit the right path to run. After that I did no mistakes, and when approaching the 2nd last control I looked behind and saw noone. I was still not feeling safe, so I pushed the last meters aswell to the last control and to the finish, and could finish at 4th postion! Only 48s behind the winning swedish team. Very fun to be sent out among the first teams, and I am really happy with my performance and getting the 2nd fastes leg time was a nice end to the international season. Nice also that all norwegian teams ran very well and were in the top fight the whole relay. We ended as 2nd, 4th and 7th! And with the 2nd place of the 1st team we could also secure the 3rd spot in the relay world cup!

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WCup Grindelwald || Sprint Relay (01/10/2017) WCup Grindelwald || Sprint Relay (01/10/2017)