Selection Race Sprint 1/2 (04/07/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Cesis
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.51 km
Time: 13:56
Average HR: 205
Maximum HR: 215
A little bit stressed start after I had forgotten my control description holder and had to run back for it just 2min infront of my start. Thought I had refocused, but out of the 1st control I was not careful enough and run in one street too early to the left and ended up on the left routechoice instead of the right which I had planed. Lost probably nothing, but could have costed me alot if the street had been a dead end. Towards the 2nd control I got Dag towards me in the narrow passage, and he did not see me and I had to slow down and could not do anything until he realized I was there. Maybe this was a factor, maybe not: but towards the 3rd I started to read out of the 3rd instead of out of the 2nd, and I started on the long leg towards control 4. I felt there was something wrong for a long time, but ran quite fare before I realized my mistake and headed back. Really irritated, I told myself to pull myself together and from here on I ran a much better race. I pushed a little harder and the focus was better. Satisfied with my performance on most of the rest. Maybe I just a little too much time standing still on control 8 before I had made up my mind, and towards control 14 I was starting to run before my plan was ready and I missed the shortcup straight over the yellow in the beginning of the leg and ended up running via control 12. A bit tired in the end, but kept fighting: I really wanted to show a good race despite my mistake for the rest of the course. Actually ended up with a win of 1s ahead of Ingjerd, but that was pure luck. We were only three norwegian girls today, since the rest ran a forest relay training in the morning. Disappointed with my poor start and bad performance the first 3 controls, but happy that I was able to run well for the rest of the course.
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Selection Race Sprint 1/2 (04/07/2018) Selection Race Sprint 1/2 (04/07/2018)