Selection Race Middle (07/07/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ligatne
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.19 km
Time: 37:32
Average HR: 205
Maximum HR: 217
Good start the first three controls, really nice terrain compared to many of the training maps. To the 4th I got stuck in some fallen threes down the green slope, but found the control well. Out of control 4 I felt the valley was too deep, so I rounded a bit up to the small path, followed it across the stream and then followed the countour to the marsh and climbed up to mine. 6th and 7th was good, and towards the 8th it was really ugly, but saw nothing better so fought through it. 9th I went safely around on the path and waited until the reentrance and followed it down to the control. Towards the 10th I went straight just right of the light green, but got unsure on the top and though first I had to go further right. When approaching the marsh I remembered that I had run right of the line all the way and corrected to the left and found my control avoiding doing a large mistake (maybe I lost some 15-20s). To the 11th I wanted to avoid the green slope and run the marsh down to the stream and then following the stream. But the runability was low, and I tried to run in the slope instead, horrible also here, so went back down to the stream. Here I lost 45s on those going straight higher up in the slope! To the 12th I ran safe via the houses and the yellow areas. To the 13th I again used the yellow, but crossing the first path I was a little unsure, but found the smaller path after some meters straight in the forest, and saw the depression right of me and used it to know when to go left. Towards the last control I tried to push hard and run only using the compass, I came a little further left then I though and made a parallelmistake in the path crossing. Found no control, had to relocate, and found the last control quite fast after that. Irritating mistake, pushed hard in the run in. 2nd spot among the norwegian with 1:30min up to Marianne who won the race of everyone on our course. I got 4th place in total, and happy with that. Nice to show a stable performance, and that that was good among all the runners to day.
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Selection Race Middle (07/07/2018) Selection Race Middle (07/07/2018)