WOC sprint finale (04/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Riga
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.77 km
Time: 15:34
Average HR: 207
Maximum HR: 214
Controlled start, but a lot of people in the first streets and squares, so can not run full speed. Keep running well until control 5, but I dont see the small streets leadining into control 6 on the right route, so I think that left and right is quite similar and pick the left. This route is much longer, but I don't realize during the race. Satiesfied with the 7., and 8, control, and into the 9th I search the control for some seconds (maybe + 5s). Run well to the arena and keep picking my control in an ok way until control 15, even though my route to the 13th is a little slower (5-10s maybe rather 10 but due to many people also i think. But out of control 15 a row of mistakes are just to happen. First I think that I am in the street parallell to the one I am inn, and thereby think thatgoing to the right is the best option. I start running, but suddenly stand infront of a fence, and realize my mistake. I turn around and take the left route instead, but when I come out in the next crssig I think I am further and go left instead of right and end up running around a house I did not plan to run around at all, and not enough with that coming up to the next square I start readning towards the 17th instead of the 16th and go right one street to early and have to turn again....I donæt know what really happend, but I was tired, and probaly I pushed to hard, and I also got more and more frustrated of course. i lost a total of 50s to the best split, but I guess about 40s is correct, so a HUGE mistake(or rather three mistakes on one leg). Disappointed.
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WOC sprint finale (04/08/2018) WOC sprint finale (04/08/2018)