WOC sprint relay 1st leg (05/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Riga
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.65 km
Time: 14:39
Average HR: 205
Maximum HR: 214
Good race the whole way, with focus on my own technique. Satisfied.

During my warm-up I went from being very nervous to calm, back to nervous and in the end I did feel ready, and I knew what I wanted to do.

s-1: the distance to the startpoint was very short, and I focused therefore on getting an overview of the first control and how I wanted to run there. I wanted to run left and looked up to see if someone else also wanted to go there, and I was happy to see Sweden with Tove Alexandersson heading for this option. I therefore went there and several others came as well. Up the first stairs we had to pass two drunk guys, and they got very suprised and turned to fast and I got an albow in face. My route was good, and we came some few seconds ahead of the teams who went right to the control.

1-2: I was therefore nr 3 heading after Tove who ran faster and had got a small gap.

2-3: Still behind Tove and prepairing the next control.

3-4: Same control as Tove, but saw that others continued.

4-5: Ran out through the overbuild entrance, and thought going right was shorter. Tove had got a bit more of a real gap now, but I could still see her a bit ahead of me. Some runners came in from the other forking as well. Into the control I did not see Tove anymore.

5-6: Saw the fence and went left of it and realized that several runners including Tove had run in on the wrong side, and I was therefore heading after Switzerlands Elena Roos as 2nd team. Tove past me half way, but when Tove and Elena went right, I was sure that I had to go left and I was alone down towards the control. Thereby I could punsh the control together with Elena and Tove and we came together towards the arena passage.

6-7: running together with tove and elena

7-9: Arena passage, and I reminded myself of my plan and to focus on my own controls and always know what I was doing. Tove was a bit faster and slowly got a gap

9-10: Still almost in tough with Tove, and just behind Elena.

10-11: To the 11th I made my first mistake. I thought the control was positioned at the left corner of the wall, and not in the end of the wall, and ran down and around it. This costed maybe 10s, and the gap to Tove grew.

11-12: Meet Tove and Elena at control 11, but they went right and I had to go left and was alone here.

12-13: Saw the two of them, towards the control. Elena was still quite close, but now Austrias Ursula Kadan was infront of me as well.

13-14: Went left.

14-15: The first control in which the control position was important to know. I felt the left route was shortes anyway, and running behind Elena and Ursula I took the time to check the control description. In front I saw Tove went left and I was thinking that it was forked. Before the road crossing I thought for a short moment that I was already futher but realized it fast. At the crossing Tove suddenly came in from the left, and when she went in on to early (before the fence) I approached the control as nr 2 behind Elena.Ursula had disappeared.

15-16: A bit confused out of the control, but kept along the fence and this way I came between the right houses,

16-17: Felt right was shorter and when Tove went left I was happy that Elena took the right, We came together with Tove again approaching the control.

17-18: Saw this control down to the 17th, so just up again.

18-19: Tove pushed hard, and got a small gap again. Felt right was shorter and followed Tove while Elena went left.

19-20: Some meters behind but full speed down the slope and towards the last control. Could cut some corners of the girls in front and came a bit closer.

20-F: gave it all in the finish sprint and changed over to Øystein in 3rd position, abut 5s behind Tove.

The rest of my teammates fought well through the relay and kept up in the medal fight all the way. In the end we got a good 4th position.
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WOC sprint relay 1st leg (05/08/2018) WOC sprint relay 1st leg (05/08/2018)