WOC middle distance (07/08/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sigulda
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.17 km
Time: 34:44
Average HR: 199
Maximum HR: 216
Good technical performance, and 9th place :)

s.1: The plan was to use the reentrance down the slope, quite straight, and so I did eventhough it was some fallen threes and quite slope. Down in the flatter area I saw the yellow area to my left and went just right of that over the stream. This way I knew that I was to the left of the line and went straight up on the hill and followed it to the right and found the control without problem. Lost about 30s in the first part of the leg, but could start safely into the course.

1-2: Straight over the stream, but then the runability up the slow was poor so I went a little right before climbing up the slope. Watch the direction of the slop and new that my control was just to the right of the direction change of the slope.

2-3: Wanted to approach the control from the big path, so decided to go directly out to the open area and follow that. The runability was not good until the open area, and the slope down to the control very steep, but had no technical problems.

3-4: very green straight along the counter, so dropped some meter down, before climbing them uo again. Found the control without problems.

4-5: Followed the reentrance, past the small hill and found the control well.

5-6: Went up over the hill to be sure to be right of the spure, then down the reentrance over the marsh and the small spure.

6-7: decided quite fast that I wanted to go up, because the runability in the slope looked bad, and the control entrance looked difficult from the left. Climbed up the slope to the street, followed it down to the bend and cut over to the path. Took the small part along the slope, and was careful to run down the correct reentrance. Here I could probably be tougher and run abit faster, but I was careful down the slope and at least did not have to search the control.

7-8: Tried to go straight along the counter, but so bad runability, so had to go quite fare left to get out of it. This way I lost seconds and came too high in the slope, but since I knew this I had no problems to find the control. But I did loose around 30s on getting stuck and the turn to get out of it.

8-9: To the path and down over the bridge, then after the bridge I was careful and counted all small depressions on the way to the control.

9-10: Also here I was careful. The terrain was here very special with dark green ground, and it was barely nothing to read on. I counted and looked on everything I had, and found the control ok.

10-11: Decided to go via the path to make the control as easy as possible. Also got the running camera behind me all the way to the path. This made me a little bit stressed, and I had some seconds on the path in which I was unsure how fare I was, but I took the necessary time, and it was not difficult in the end.

11-12: This was a leg we had looked at a bit before hand with different variants, and I felt the control was quite fare up the slope and I decided to go straight. The slope was very steep, and I even took a bit more climb than necessary, and lost at least 30s on this leg on the wrong routechoiche.

12-13: felt it was quite the same if I took left or right, but choose left because it was a bit shorter. My legs were tired after the steep climb, and it was hard up to the houses. The control was farily easy with the open areas, paths and the beginning of the marked route through the arena passage.

13-14: Told myself to keep the technical focus and was careful down the slope and along the yellow area. Found the control without problems.

14-15: Was careful to find the right reentrance, and loose some seconds here without making a mistake.

15-16: The green did not look nice straight, and the path looked good, so went straight out to it and saw the control as soon as the reentrance came in from the left.

16-17: The reentrance was steep, so I decided to keep right and run on the open areas up to the last control.

17-M: Pushed the rest I had, and came in with a new best time.

Happy with my technical performance, and to deliver a good race in my first ever inividual forest WOC race! I felt like running a little bit with the hand break on, but it seems this was not such a bad idea :)
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WOC middle distance (07/08/2018) WOC middle distance (07/08/2018)