World Cup Chasing Start Part 1 (01/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ara
Country: Norway
Discipline: Chasing
Distance: 3.02 km
Time: 21:45
Average HR: 188
Maximum HR: 215
Good start, in which I first oriented mostly myself but seeing the finns starting in front and behind me. Then I saw the backs of Lina Strand, Sabine Hauswirth and Marianne Andersen. Got catched by Kamilla Olaussen at the 7th control, and together with her we catched Marianne towards the 8th. At the same time the big train started to form behind us. Ran through the arena just behind Marianna and Kamilla in 8th position. Starting to feel tried here when Kamilla increased the pace through the arena.
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World Cup Chasing Start Part 1 (01/09/2018) World Cup Chasing Start Part 1 (01/09/2018)