Danish Spring Middle (30/03/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tisvilde Hegn
Country: Denmark
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.23 km
Time: 34:03
Average HR: 190
Maximum HR: 206
Difficult first control, but went a bit to the right in order to know on which side the control would be. Found it ok, 2nd control was good, but to the 3rd my direction was first bad, and then I tried to avoid the green a bit too much maybe. 4 was good, but to the 5 I was suprised how high in the slope the control was, but saw it. 6 was good, but into the 7 I made a small error running past the knoll without realizing it was mine. 8, was ok, the same with 9. A bit hesitation into 10 but got it ok. 11-13 also o, and to the 14th I came a bit too fare right, but saw the hill, so only tiny timeloss. Also hesitate a bit to the 15th. 16th-18th were good, but to the 19th I did not realize how much up and down I had to run on the path, and took it instead of running flat around....a bit stupid but at least no control problems. The rest was good. 2nd in the end, 29s behind Cecilie Klysner.
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Danish Spring Middle (30/03/2019) Danish Spring Middle (30/03/2019)