NM sprint kvalifisering (25/05/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Nydalen
Country: Norway
Distance: 3.22 km
Time: 13:33
Average HR: 198
Maximum HR: 208
Stable and good race all the way in a nice course set by Bojan. Quite happy with my performance, but did not get the 14th control registred in my EMITag, and got dsq. I am sure I was there, and I think I saw the light (but hard to be sure after the race...and impossible to protest since not even a photo or people seeing me there would have helped to let me run the finale....). Never had this problem with EMITag before, but know that it has happend to others. I have always been sceptical to systems without a backup and maybe also the rules are too strikted? Why can a runner who can prove they were there not be unDSQed again? I understand that it has to be a rule that we need the punch and that it should not be allowed to risk a bad punch, but I think we need to improve the system such that it is impossible to not get the punch if you are as close as 50cm (?) to the control with your batch. But we are not there yet. I know that at WOC it will be two EMITags which will help, but it should not be necessary.

Frustrated that I did not get to run the final course and fight for the medals. I got to run the course as a prerunner which was at least nice, but it is not the same as running it in compitition.... Very nice course set by Elise.
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NM sprint kvalifisering (25/05/2019) NM sprint kvalifisering (25/05/2019)