World Cup Middle (08/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tervalampi
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.07 km
Time: 35:32
Average HR: 203
Maximum HR: 213
s-1: Struggled a little to follow the small path, and used some time on controlling that I was on the right way. Maybe a bit too long to run around the whole green area, but at least it was rather safe.

1-2: Good leg, had full control over the hill and down into the control.

2-3: Again good control, but make a small mistake from the last rock down to the control (10s).

3-4: Was careful to follow the grey areas and found the control safely.

4-5: Careful with the compass, hit the control straight on.

5-6: Got the camera man after me , but forced myself to keep the technical focus, so rather good leg.

6-7:Also a good executed leg, was a bit nervous down the slope, but saw the control flag early.

7-8: Difficult leg, and I decided that I wanted to go via the hill top and the big rocks. But I did run a bit too long in the slope before I ran up, so was a little bit unsure some meters, but found the big rocks. and got the control ok.

8-9: Carful to go straight under the line, and found the control straight on.

9-10: Made the careful as easy as possible over the hill and down the nose.

10-11: Wanted to run around the green via control 1, but was not tough enough with the compass and came more straight. Decided to just take the green, but unhappy with not executing my plan. Got stuck in some fallen threes up the slope, but found the control without problem. Felt tired here and took a gel to maybe help the brain at least.

11-12: Careful down the slope, and found it ok.

12-13: Again straight and wanted to used the yellow area with the rock and the hill right of the control as attackpoints. Good leg.

13:14: Very careful with the compass over the hill and path, and then via the rock in the slope to the control.

14-15: Again good executed leg, saw the hill before the control and found the control without problem.

15-16: First straight to avoid the marsh and then I wanted to run via the rock in the yellow, and found it well. From here on I used my compass and wanted to hit the rock further down the slope as attackpoint down the slope and to the cliff. But somehow I came way too fare right (Was the rock in the yellow not the correct rock?), and I could not understand why I suddenly stood above a cliff, had to round it and below it there was a control. My only thought was that it was my control, and I went to punsh it, but it was a spectator control, and I stood there quite some time to figure out where I was. Lost at least 1min here I think. Very frustrated I was a bit too fast and search the bridge over to the field and last control a little bit as well.

22nd position. Not what I aimed for, but at least my race was fairly stable until the mistake on the 2nd last, and physically I did not feel top in the heat, with very high puls all the way, but at least I managed to keep the focus on the technical performance today.
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World Cup Middle (08/06/2019) World Cup Middle (08/06/2019)