World Cup Chasing Start (09/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tervalampi
Country: Finland
Discipline: Chasing start
Distance: 9.66 km
Time: 59:11
Average HR: 189
Maximum HR: 209
s-1: Wanted to use the big path left of the first big marsh, but the three runners ahead of me (SWE + 2x RUS) went straight on, and I did not want to go solo already from the start so I followed them. Not the best choice, but I don't know if it would have been better to go my own route either. I did not feel that strong, having enough with the pace as it was. Anyway we got catched by the runners starting closest behind us with about 1minute or even a bit more to the 1st control. Took a bit commando the last part of the leg into the control.

1-2: Went a bit my own route here, but that did not matter. A bit group on control 2 anyway.

2-3: Had the straightest option first, and got half of the group with me on that, from control 3 we became even more people comming from the longer option of the diamond forking.

3-4: Kept my own direction here to be sure, and no problems to get the control.

4-5: Again I kept my own direction here, and got some runners with me. Realized halfway that we were a really hugh group down towards the control. and we also saw a rather big group also ahead of us.

5-6: A lot of runners to follow, and no problems.

6-7: Here I wanted to go straight and did so eventhough the runners ahead of me all went around on the small path. Good option from me and I closed the gap up a little.

7-8: Again very careful with my direction, and I got the control well, some other runners missed it a little.

8-9: Decided to go straight to the road eventhough the others ran a bit different. Feeling tired now, and in need of drinking. Had some meters up to the group, and had to fight to keep with this group. Had some 10-20m up to the next runner.

9-10: Only focusing on not loosing the group, and thereby ran where they ran. But I kept an eye on the map and the compass.

10-11: The others ran a bit too fare right, and I realized and could cut a corner and came up in the group.

11-12: Long leg, with straight and path the second half as the best option, and I could only follow the group. Here it came up some runners more from behind which were stronger physically. I had enough with the pace as it was.

12-13: Careful with the direction here, but also to keep up with the group.

13-14: Passing the arena, really tired but only a short loop left.

14-15: More on the map here, I knew my only chance to get up was to run good technically. Wanted to see the 3 rocks and the green hill before the control, which I did.

15-16: Again I tried to focus on my own direction and orienteering, and here the group spread out a little and some made small mistake. I realized quite fast that we had to get down the slope, but I was still behind in the group.

16-17: Had read this leg on the arena passage, and knew that the control was above the cliff. I therefore wanted to go straight and keep a bit right in order to not have to climb the cliff. However, noone had run where I tried to run so the grass was knee high with a lot of branches, and I only lost time instead of getting closer. Very very tired here, and make a small mistake thinking my control should be on the first nose instead of further down, but realize rather fast.

17-F: So so tried but tried to fight since I did not know how close the runners where behind me.

Though day physically, but rather ok technically. Only a timeloss on the route to control 1, but for the rest of the race I feel I could not have done much different technically, and I did as good as I could physically. Not my day physically, so I had to fight with myself to not get too negative about the format of no forking at all for most of the course, and thereby no chance to take anything technically. Lost 4 positions (mainly runners starting within a 1min behind me), and ended as 26th.
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World Cup Chasing Start (09/06/2019) World Cup Chasing Start (09/06/2019)