Venla 2019 (16/06/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Valkeisvuori, Kangasala
Country: Finland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: 3.
Distance: 7.6 km
Time: 45:26
Average HR: 181
Maximum HR: 207
Good relay leg from me. Saw some runners all the way, but quite many forkings in the beginning so kind of ran my own race. On the long leg to the 9th I catched a rather large group, and for the first time I ran a bit in a group, felt like it slowed me down, and when they dropped down to the left of the hills I stayed on top of the hills and ran my own race again. However, on this leg I lost a lot of time to the best runners on the routechoice. It seems like running in the reentrances to the right of the hills were faster than the hill tops. The runnability was not the best, but difficult to read this out of the map. Approaching control 9 I also catched the group of Halden, and when they ran a bit to high in the slope to the 10th I passed them and was first. The next controls I was in front and could get a little bit away together with Elena (Halden SK). Picked my controls well, and catched up with MS Parma towards the last part of the course. Elena had another forking to the 3rd last, so I lost her out of sight, but I pushed well down to the 2nd last and the last, and when she also searched the 3rd last I was before her to the change over. Saw the back of Paimion Rasti at the change over as well. Happy with my technical performance. Could climb from 35th to 7th position, and despite the less good route choice to the 9th I had a very solid and stable race. 5th best leg time, with 2min up to Marianne Andersen who had the best time.

The team ended 5th after a strong last leg by Anne Margrethe, but also Siri on the first leg ran well, and Tone was fast on most of her course but had two controls in the beginning where she lost some time. Anyway, we are very satisfied with a 5th place :)
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Venla 2019 (16/06/2019) Venla 2019 (16/06/2019)