KM mellom (08/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ørfiskebekken
Country: Norway
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 5.96 km
Time: 46:42
Average HR: 195
Maximum HR: 206
Came a bit more left than I wanted and ran via the rock to the first control, but got it well. To the 2nd I ran straight but a bit to the left of the yellow part of the marsh and got the small path up the slope. Different vegetation around the control than expected, so hesitated a bit but saw it beow me some meters after the big rock. To the 3rd I felt the control was a bit more to the left than expected, but not problems to find it. However to the 4th I did come much more left than I thought, and when I saw the hill right of me, I hestitated. It came earlier than I wanted and too much to the right, but after a short map control I realized there could not be anything other than my hill, so I went up and found my control. Here I probably did loose some 20-30s. To the 5th I felt straight had to be the best option, and I just went for it. Made a short parallelmistake before the big reentrance and came much lower than I had planned. But by seeing the amount of water in the stream I realized that this was probably the stream that the organizers did not want us to cross and I searched the map for markings of where to cross, but there was none. I did not know where I was supposed to cross it and decided to just cross it where I was. The slope up was steep and heavy, but the control rather easy. The small loop went well, and I catched up with Gunvor. Towards the 10th I went up too late, and got a rather ugly climb up the slope, and Gunvor got a gap. To the 11th I did not understand anything into the control, and hesitated and lost Gunvor. Not a very big mistake, but still about 30s. Out of control 11 I forgot my compass and ran 90degrees wrong....realized when I came down the first slope, and corrected myself, but still some more seconds lost. The leg to control 13 was ugly, rocky ground and steep downhill, with branches and stuff, and also into the control it was green so I ran around it and back up to it. Maybe some seconds lost here also, but nothing big. Catched Malin here, and got the 2 next controls well running up to her. To the 16th I decided to run the big path, but was a bit unsure where to leave it, but I decided to run almost all the way around. Saw Gunvor again infront of me here, but did not see her the rest of the control. Hesitated a bit down into 18th, but the rest was ok.

2nd place 44s behind Anne Margrethe, and 20s infront of Anine. Too many small mistakes to be satisfied, but at least I avoided the big mistakes today. Rather long middle distance.
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KM mellom (08/09/2019) KM mellom (08/09/2019)