World Cup Knockout Sprint Quarter FInal (28/09/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Zwingen
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint knockout
Distance: 0.78 km
Time: 3:19
Average HR: 188
Maximum HR: 200
Ran in the 5th of 6 heat with Tove Alexandersson, Martina Ruch, Galina Vinogradova, Laura Ramstein and Tereza Cechova, and had to be top 3 to get into the semi-finals. Just before the start we saw heat number 4 pass by with quite some gaps inbetween the runners, and I felt pretty sure that we would get some kind of forking, and so we did! Could get onto the map fast, and found my route to the 1st control and ran with the group here, but when it split up around the house I went for the side I had decided. The 1st control was also the 6th control, so I knew the forking was already starting. A bit confusing out of control 1 due to high hedges, but focused on myself and found my way to control 2 well. Tove whom I had infront of me out of the 1st went somewhere else, and I found my 2nd control in the front of a group. Went for the right route to control 3 and noone joined me. And at the 3rd control I was alone. A bit suprised, I kept on pushing knowing that it just meant it was forked a lot. Picked the 4th control also well, but into control 5 I hesitated through the park. I thought the control would lie in the park in the play ground and could not see any control. After a few seconds confusion I saw the control as well as Tove approaching it and realized my control point was a stair and just outside the park. Got Toves back into the 6th. Continues on the next map....
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World Cup Knockout Sprint Quarter FInal (28/09/2019) World Cup Knockout Sprint Quarter FInal (28/09/2019)