MOM (26/09/2020)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Seelisberg
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.78 km
Time: 49:25
Average HR: 186
Maximum HR: 200
Looked forward to this race, but felt a bit unfresh in my legs towards the 1st control. Picked a rater straight route, and the first part was good, but the last part had bad runnability and I should have run closer to the cliffs probably or the path. To the 2nd control I ran ok, but the last part had bad runability and I came down a bit to the left and had to go some meters right to find the control. To the 3rd I tried to run on the hill to the left but it was so green and bad runability that I ended up zigzaging a lot and lost time on just getting stuck, Had passt Paula on the 2nd and she closed up with me at the 3rd and I had her infront of me down to the path, I was careful to see where I went out, but still got drawn a bit too fare left by Paula who ran further left, but I knew we had to go more right and did not lose that much. Out of the control I saw Elena who started 2' after me approaching, and was a bit disapointed by that since I did not really make any mistakes so fare. I had only been a bit stuck. To the 5th Elena closed up and past me, and she and Paula hit a better way through than me and got some small seconds, but they made a small mistake into the control and I was kind of together with them at the control. Out of the control I started out with them but was a few meters behind. I hesitated a bit where to run and could not understand what they wanted going right in the beginning and went left instead. Maybe a bad idea not to keep with the two others, but I had already lost some meters and the terrain was tricky and I wanted to stay in control. I hesitated a bit in the green and very bad runnable slopes, but got a good entry via the white depressions and was just about 10s behind Paula and Elena anyway seeing them infront of me. Down to the road after the 6th I lost them out of sight, and did not see that they went around. I felt straight looked best and went for it, but the last part especially was ugly and very bad runable and I lost about 90sec here. To the 8th I did not understand anything halfways. A lot of rocks and cliffs and not even rocky ground drawn on the map. I couldn't understand anything else than that I had come too fare down eventhough I thought that was not possible and went up instead of down when I came out in the whiter area. Saw Sarina but realized after a while that I was almost at control 9 and went back. Searched the control a bit when going down and saw Simona on my way down. Ok back up to the 9th, but to the 10th I felt done with running straight and went for the path to the left. This made the leg easy, but it was a bit too fare this time. 11th was the arena passage and to the 12th I still was feeling that straight was bad and went around again. But this time the terrain was much more runable and this was a mistake. To the 13th I ran ok, but to the 14th I did not really understand the map and came too fare left. Ok down th the 15th, and to the 16th I probably did not find the best way either. Ended 10th in the end 10min behind, but much closer to the 3rd place. Only Simona and Elena ran good races today.

Disappointed by the coursesetting today, I really don't understand why so many coursesetters thinks that courses have to go in ugly, green and badly runable parts of the forest to be difficult without giving us any nice legs in between at least. Today only the last 4 controls were in a nice area which was really fun to run in. The rest was a struggle.
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MOM (26/09/2020) MOM (26/09/2020)