RTT-training (28/11/2020)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hürnberg
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 8.22 km
Time: 58:46
Average HR: 190
Maximum HR: 206
First training with RTT for the season. A bit foggy, but very nice in the forest. Started in the middle of the startfield, but did not see anyone before Sarina catched up with me with 2min when I was searching for control 11, was more or less together with Sarina untill control 19, but up towards the 20st she was stronger, and I lost her out of seight. 2nd in the finish, some minutes behind Sarina.

Technically, I made mistakes to control 9 and 11, and some other small once.
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RTT-training  (28/11/2020) RTT-training  (28/11/2020)