WCup Latvia || Middle Distance (25/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Cesis
Country: Latvia
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 6.31 km
Time: 43:52
Average HR: 201
Maximum HR: 211
Shaky start, don't believe in myself and find it diffuse and difficult. Run up the wrong hill to control 1, realize it quite soon, but still loose around 1 min. This make me even shakier and stressed, and my selfconfidence is pretty low, eventhough I run a totally straigt line to control 2. Towards the 3rd I am able to pull myself a little bit together, but still feel a little bit stressed. What happens next I don't understand. Feel I have it all under control, but run 90 degrees in the wrong direction...The terrain is as expected for around 200m, but then I relize it, and decide to run the path to the control. I even get insecure if I have punched the right 3rd control. At control 4 I see the runner who started behind me taking the control just before me. I decide to run the safe route aorund to control 5, which is smart and I manage to almost close the gap up to the czech runner. I keep running my own routes, and run well for a long time. A small hesitation into control 8, but the rest was quite good until the arena passage. Here I finally catch up with the czech runner (Horcickova), my head was still a bit negative after the extrem bad start, but Kenneth and Dag managed to motivate me to fight for the last loop, and so I did. I passed Horcickova, and i only made a small error towards the last control, the rest was good. I came in to the finnish very tired and disappointed, but at least I managed to run an ok performance from control 4 to the finnish.

36th place 5minutes down, loosing half of these minutes already the first 4 controls....
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Peter Roth : Hei Silje nimm genau das mit! Du konntest dich aus der Krise lösen und von 4-12 einen gute Lauf absolvieren. Das ist eine wichtige Erfahrung welche dich stärken kann! Genisse und schau vorwärts. Heja Peter
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WCup Latvia || Middle Distance (25/08/2017) WCup Latvia || Middle Distance (25/08/2017)