Norwegian Championships in Bodø

The norwegian championships were organized in Bodø last weekend. After one week of sickness after the world championships my physical shape was fare from good, and my results were also there after: 14th Long Distance and 23rd Middle Distance. Even though I was not able to perform good results it was a very nice weekend! Running in such beatiful terrains is just fantastic, and I enjoyed all of the four races. 







The compititons started with long distance at thursday. The first part of the course was up on open marshes, before we came down into the forest slope and after the arena passage the terrain changed again into a more "continental" type. I ran an ok technical race until the arena passage were I only did some smaller errors, and I was still in the fight for a top 6 position. But after the arena passage I crashed my race. First I searched the 12th control for 2:30-3:00 min, than I twisted my ankle when jumping down the cliff into control 15. I walked/jogged the rest of the course (just as fast as the foot was ok with), loosing time. In the end I got the 14th position. 

The following day we ran the middle distance qualification. I had taped my foot, but was very unsure if I would manage to run in the terrain. I tried to focus on the technique, and luckily the foot/ankle did not complain too much and I was able to run. I did a good technical race until the 6th control where I was 3rd. But at the 9th control I made a big parallel mistake and lost as much as 3 minutes! From there on I knew I had to avoid doing any other mistake, and I came to the finnish with the best time so fare despite my big mistake. Therefore I thought a qualification to the final would be no problem. I was wrong. In the end I got the 11th position and with only 12 qualifying I was very close to not qualifying!


At saturday the middle distance final was held at the same arena as the qualification the day before. I started early since I was one of the last to qualify. I ran a safe technical race until the 10th control, but to the 11th I made a big parallel mistake (again!) and lost 2:30 min. In the end I got a 23rd position, and my splits showed I just did not have the speed to fight for the top positions this day.

Photo: Ida Brænden.


The championships was ended with a relay. I ran the first leg for my club Raumar Orientering. I started out well and got my forking at the first control first. To the 2nd I got confused that all the others ran fast much further right than I thought I should run, and I ran some meters too fare right as well, but broke out of the groupd and got the control as 2nd. It turned out this control was not forked and everyone lost time here. On the long leg to the 3rd I got run in again of some runners who searched the 2nd, and at the 3rd I had the longest forking together with Nydalens and Bækkelagets without realizing it. We now were a group of 3 runners running together and since we did not see anyone else ahead I actually though we were first (we were not). We made a small mistake on control 6 and I had a bade direction to control 7, and at the arena passage at control 8 we heard we were 2 min behind but still in the top 10. I was really tired here and the two others ran away. Additionally, I hesitated quite some time on this last loop, and lost 1:30 min to the two others. Anyway, I could change over in an 8th position. In the end after Dagny Lysaker and Lene Kinneberg had run we got the 36th position. 






For my club the championships were good: Eskil Kinneberg ran in to two 4th places in long and middle, Anders Haga won the middle distance and was 7th at the long distance, as well as that the mens relay team with Anders, Vetle Ruud Bråten and Eskil won the bronze medal! Congratulations!