WOC reserve

Last weekend were the last selection races for the World Orienteering Championships held close to Halden. I got sick 8 days before the competitions and sadly I was still sick in the weekend and had to skip the long distance race. I felt a bit better, and had noting to lose on giving the middle distance a try on Sunday, and gave all I had. My orienteering was good mostly all the way, but half way through the race (15-20min into it) I physically hit the wall and my power was out. Ended 7th by the Norwegians with 3min up to the winner. It was not enough for a WOC-ticket: when the WOC selections came on Tuesday I was selected as reserve for the middle distance and 2nd reserve for the relay.




5th at Venla

I travelled directly from the World Cup in Helsinki to the Venla Relay in Kangasala. Together with the rest of the runners from Nydalens SK I could make 4 relevant trainings in the days leading up to the relay. I ran the 3rd leg in the first team together with Siri Ulvestad (1st), Tone Bergerud Lye (2nd) og Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg (4th). We did a good relay and fought for the top positions ending 5th in the end. Fun courses and nice terrain. I could climb us from 35th up to 7th position during my leg after a good technical performance. 



World Cup in Finland

The first World Cup round of 2019 was held close to and in Helsinki in the beginning of June (8th-11th) with Middle Distance, Chasing start and Sprint Relay on the program. The weekend was the first warm days of the summer and we came from 15 degrees in Norway to 30degrees in Finland. The Middle Distance was therefore a tough race, but I did what I could to deal with the heat, and ran a stable technical race until the 2nd last control, which I search at least 1minute and ended on a 22nd place in the end. In the chasing the day after I felt tired and my whole race I was within a group and ended 26th. The last race was a sprint relay held in the city center of Helsinki with a great arena and lots of people. I ran leg 1 for Norway 1, and my race was good except a small mistake on the 3rd last control and I changed over in the big group behind Sweden 1. My team (Kasper Fosser, Gaute Steiwer and Ingeborg Eide) ran well and we were in the medal fight all the way, and got a strong 4th place. 


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