NM sprint and sprint relay

Time flies, but her comes some articles about the last month. End of May my club Nydalens SK organized the Norwegian Championship in sprint and sprint relay in Nydalen. Since I moved to Oslo just before Christmas I did not know the terrain and was one of a few from the club who could start. My qualification race was good with best time in mye heat, but unfortunatly I did not get one control registered in my emiTag and got disqualified (I was there and even think I saw the light flashing). Therefore, I could not start in the final, but at least I could run as a pre-runner. In the sprint relay I ran the last leg in team with Ragne Wiklund, Lars Young Vik and Jon Aukrust Osmoen. We managed a nice 5th place in the relay. 


After avoiding Nydalen and Akerselva since I moved to Oslo it was a big disappointment to not even reach the final in NM sprint. I felt well prepaired and my qualification race was solid in all ways. I have also always been careful with touchfree punching systems and have always controlled the blinking led, and also this time. Therefore, my first thought when they told me I missed one control was that I had overlooked it on the map and forgot it completely. But that was not the case, it was a control I was 100% sure I had punched. The rules are clear and all controls must be registered in the emiTag to avoid disqualification, and it felt like I did not have any security as a runner. There is and was no way to prove that I have punched a control as long as the control is not registered in the emit, meaning that seeing the flashing light is not necessarily a 100% secure punching. I have read SI has problems with not registred punchings despite seeing both blinking and hearing the beep (http://www.svenskorientering.se/Nyheter/forbundsnytt/SenastenyttomfeletiSportidentskontrollenheter). Anyway, I hope IOF will work on improving the systems (both EMIT and SI) such that it gets impossible to touch a control unit and not get the control registred. We do need a system that is safe for the athlete. Another option is to get a secure backup system. 






Therefore in the sprint relay I was extra careful with my punchings. I started out in a 7th position (actually a bit further behind but some teams got disqualified) after good races from my three teammates. I saw some teams from the start, but could pass them already to control 1 and after that I ran a solo race until the very end. I saw both Bækkelagets SK, Fredrikstad SK and NTNUI when I ran towards the 4th last control, but they were still too fare infront. While Fossum IF was a bit closer. I made a small mistake into the control, but pushed hard down towards the 3rd last and saw Fossum running out of it but still with a clear gap. I kept pushing hard towards the rather easy two last controls and my teammates supported me loudly. I came closer and closer and at the last control I was just behind Fossum. In the steep run-in I was able to sprint pass them, and secured the 5th position. Fun race, and this time I did have all the controls registered.