Selected to WCup in Switzerland and China

After the last selection races this weekend, I have been selected to run both the World Cup in Switzerland (end of September) and in China (end of October). In Switzerland the program will be: middle distance, knock-out sprint and sprint, while in China it will be: middle distance, sprint relay and sprint. The last year I have been focusing primarily on forest orienteering, and now I will switch my focus over on sprint orienteering. 



WOC reserve

Last weekend were the last selection races for the World Orienteering Championships held close to Halden. I got sick 8 days before the competitions and sadly I was still sick in the weekend and had to skip the long distance race. I felt a bit better, and had noting to lose on giving the middle distance a try on Sunday, and gave all I had. My orienteering was good mostly all the way, but half way through the race (15-20min into it) I physically hit the wall and my power was out. Ended 7th by the Norwegians with 3min up to the winner. It was not enough for a WOC-ticket: when the WOC selections came on Tuesday I was selected as reserve for the middle distance and 2nd reserve for the relay.




5th at Venla

I travelled directly from the World Cup in Helsinki to the Venla Relay in Kangasala. Together with the rest of the runners from Nydalens SK I could make 4 relevant trainings in the days leading up to the relay. I ran the 3rd leg in the first team together with Siri Ulvestad (1st), Tone Bergerud Lye (2nd) og Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg (4th). We did a good relay and fought for the top positions ending 5th in the end. Fun courses and nice terrain. I could climb us from 35th up to 7th position during my leg after a good technical performance. 



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