World Cup China

The last World Cup of 2019 was held in China in the end of October. The middle distance was a big disappointment with bad map quality and bad terrain suitability for an international high-level compitition, and I gave it up halfway through the race and ended 68th in the end. In the sprint relay the day after we got served a much better competition, both in map quality and terrain. I am satisfied with my 1st leg where I changed over as 4th (22s behind), and got the 9th best overall leg time. My team (NOR 2) ended on a good 10th place in the end. The world cup final was a sprint in a town with very narrow streets and high technical difficulty, and I was in the fight for good positions until the last loop, but there I lost much on a long leg and made some errors on some short legs as well, and fell down to a 20th place in the end. This compitition however, was a bit overshadowed by possible cheating, due to suprising results.


World Cup Switzerland

The World Cup in Switzerland in the end of September was a positive weekend for me. I am satisfied with the results 9th, 11th and 11th in the three races (middle, knockout sprint and sprint), and my solid performances through the whole weekend. In all races I was close to the podium, which is motivating and nice after not making it to the WOC team this year. The middle distance was a classic "mittelland" terrain, and familiar to me, while the sprints were tricky and nice in the old town of Laufen and Zwingen. The Swiss again organized a very fine World Cup round with a lot of spectators and quality courses, it is alway a pleasure competing in Switzerland. 




Gold and silver at Norwegian Champs

The norwegian championship at Skrim and Tjøme was a successful weekend for me: for the first time I won a medal (actually two) in the forest at the national championships. The "NM-uka" (norwegian champs week) did not start as well as I had wished for. I struggled physically, and also a bit technically in the first part, and ended 7th. The middle distance qualification went better, with a stable performance and 2nd spot in my qualification heat. In the middle distance my race was solid for the biggest parts of the race (minus one control on the last loop), and this time I had the seconds on my side and won silver! In the relay my strong team with Tone Bergerud Lye (1st leg), me (2nd leg) and Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg, won gold! So finally, after 11 seasons of aiming for the medals at "NM-uka", I could climb twice up on the podium.


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