Season start

The winter is over, and the season is about to start. The winter was full of happenings with moving to Oslo, starting in my new job, get to know my new club and training environment. My training have gone quite well in especially December and January, while I've had some rounds of sickness in February and March, but still been able to train more or less good also these months. I pre-started the season with two races in Sweden in the beginning of March with Sverigepremiären middle and relay, and started the season with Danish Spring in the end of March. In all the individual competitions I ended up in 2nd place.








New club!

This winter I am planning to move to Oslo, and I have therefore decided to change my club to Nydalens SK! I am about to finish my PhD here in Switzerland, and I am now looking forward to come home to Norway. The choice fell on Nydalens SK because I believe they have a good environment for me to develop as an orienteer, together with good trainers, runners and trainings. It will be an exciting winter and next saison with a new club and hometown!



Selected for the National Team 2019

I have been selected for the National Team 2019 after a good 2018 season. Next year the World Championship is organized in Østfold in Norway, and I am happy to be a part of the elite group when we enter into a season with a championship on homeground. The first training camp is already in the beginning of November, and I am looking forward to start the work towards next season!




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