Sprintliga and 15-stafetten

Tuesday I ran two races in the new Sprintliga at Ammerud in Oslo. First a normal sprint and then a rerun of the same sprint course. In the sprint I won with a small margin (6s) down to Anne Johanne Lind Nørbech, and in the rerun we switched positions and I got 2nd 8s behind Anne Johanne. This weekend I ran the club relay 15-stafetten with Nydalens SK, who had 3 full teams on the start. I ran the 4th leg, and with strong performances on all legs we won the relay.



10mila and WCup test races

This weekend the first selection races of the season were held at Jessheim with a middle distance and a long distance. I had a weak start to the middle distance, but an ok finish and ended 7th (5th among the norwegians). The long distance performance was better, but still some smaller mistakes a couple of places, and I got a 3rd place there. The weekend before I ran the big relay 10mila in Glimåkra in Sweden with Nydalens. My team (Ragne Wiklund, Siri Ulvestad, Tone Bergerud Lye, (me) and Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg) ended as 15th in the end. Many good performances in the team, but some mistakes too much for a top 10. Anyway we were ok satisfied with the team result. 



Season start

The winter is over, and the season is about to start. The winter was full of happenings with moving to Oslo, starting in my new job, get to know my new club and training environment. My training have gone quite well in especially December and January, while I've had some rounds of sickness in February and March, but still been able to train more or less good also these months. I pre-started the season with two races in Sweden in the beginning of March with Sverigepremiären middle and relay, and started the season with Danish Spring in the end of March. In all the individual competitions I ended up in 2nd place.








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