EOC 2018

The European Championships (EOC) in Ticino in Switzerland is history, and since then time has flown by. In the slopes of Monte S. Giorgio I achieved my best individual forest result with an 8th place in the Middle Distance, and I ran good through the whole week with 4th place in the relay and a 15th place in long (as a reserve, and short up to top 10). Additionally, I ran well in both qualification races with 1st place in the Sprint heat and a 3rd place in the Middle heat. Except for my performance in the Sprint Finale which was fare behind what I aimed for (33rd place), I am happy with the overall performance!



Selected for EOC

This weekend the season kick-started with EOC selection races at Kråkerøy (Saturday and Sunday), and at Akershus festning (Tuesday). The forest races were moved to Kråkerøy due to snow. I did two stable technical performances in the forest, but both days I struggled in the last part of the races especially on the long distance. I got selected for the middle distance, and as reserve for the long distance after one 5th and one 4th place in middle and long, respectively. In the sprint in Oslo Tuesday I ran technically well with only one bad routechoice (lost 10s) and some minor hesitations out of some controls, and got the good 3rd place. I was therefore also selected for the sprint, and I am happy to be selected in both a forest distance and a sprint distance at EOC.


Winter training, surgery and first training camp

It has been a while since my last update, so here is a summary of my winter training so fare. November and December went well, and I could follow my training plan more or less as wanted. However, January followed with 2 weeks of sickness (cold), before I underwent a planned surgery of my nose sinuses (due to years of inflamations (sinusitis) and never ending colds) the 15th of January. The surgery went well, and I could start my training slowly after 1 week, and minus some days of sickness in the beginning of Februayr, my training is now going well. 10th to 17th of February I went to Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland) to train for the European Championships in this area in May 2018, and I got a very nice week of orienteering in the steep slopes. 


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